Chernovetskyi Investment Group

We turn ideas into money

CIG is an investment company and a one of the largest venture capitalist in East Europe.

When we work with a project in its different life cycle – does not matter if a startup or a project in business for a while – we are looking first of all for a potential for growth and scaling up, looking for talented and creative partners with whom we will share our victories!

We are not just another fund
Unlike usual venture funds in the market, we measure our efficiency by quality of investments and not by their number. We invest our own monies and not of someone else and invest only when we really see potential in the project.

We get just want we need
Usually, we are looking for a share of up to 25%.

We are there to help
We expect to get a seat in the Board to stay in focus and give our help when needed.

We give more then take
We have many years of experience of business with the entrepreneurs, experts and got network of connections with the leading investors of USA, India, Europe and Southeast Asia. We actively participate in development and promotion of the project in new markets and raising of financing in new rounds.

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Welcome Word

Stepan Chernovetskyi, the President of CIG

The technologies are no more mere solutions of routine problems. Today, IT is changing our life model and creating new reality, new future. In this future, a human can get an unprecedented level of freedom. In this future, there are no geographical boundaries, in this future, we can live and create without limitations.

CIG’s mission is to make its own contribution into this new technological world. We are looking for the new projects that can significantly change infrastructure, healthcare and agriculture. We are looking for the people who are willing to work in projects that change our lives.

Let's build the future together!

Chernovetskyi Investment Group

Biography of CIG President

Stepan began his career at a leading Ukrainian bank, Pravex, following the successful completion of his law degree.

Stepan built his career with his enrollment with the various positions in the bank before his appointment as the Senior Vice President. Later, he became a member of the bank’s Supervisory Board.

After sale of Pravex Bank in 2008 including his share to Italian Intesa Sanpaolo, Stepan assumed management of family assets in addition to running his own assets and businesses. Since then, Stepan made many successful investments in the various areas including in real estate and the global financial markets.

In 2012, Stepan decided to create the Chernovetskyi Investment Group. Today, his company invests in IT projects in such promising sectors as e-commerce, infrastructure, healthcare, and agriculture.

In addition, Stepan Chernovetsky is the president of Elite Boxing Promotion sports company, as well as the initiator of a number of initiatives under umbrella of the charity fund.

Chernovetskyi Investment Group

Corporate culture

Our employees are the main value and the main instrument of the company's success. Qualification, commitment, and productivity of employees form the overall competitiveness of CIG.

Understanding this, the company pays great attention to such issues as education and personal development of staff, maintenance of corporate values and unity of team spirit, provision of comfort and safety.

We adhere to an individual approach to our employee, which allows us to effectively build the process of his professional and career growth, as well as organize the optimal principle of employee motivation.

Chernovetskyi Investment Group puts forward the highest standards and requirements when selecting its employees, gives them the best salary conditions on the labor market, because it consider them as its main value.

Chernovetskyi Investment Group


Chernovetskyi Investment Group is a responsible employer which guarantees the high standards of development and motivation of its employees. Obeying the norms of the current legislation of Ukraine, the company provides a decent level of staff motivation, which is exclusively official.

Chernovetskyi Investment Group puts forward the highest standards and requirements when selecting its employees, in turn providing decent working conditions, and also investing considerable resources in the training and development of its team.

The company conducts continuous monitoring of the labor market in search of valuable personnel that meet our basic criteria::

  • high level of skills and knowledge;
  • considerable experience and luggage of achievements;
  • strong personal characteristics and qualities;
  • ability and desire to learn and develop;
  • dedication and willingness to work for results;
  • loyalty to the company and the desire to become a member of its team;
  • honesty and openness

If the above-mentioned list fully characterizes you, we will be happy to review your resume and evaluate the possibility of our cooperation. You can always find the list of the open vacancies of Chernovetskyi Investment Group on our website. We are always in search for the best of the best!

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