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Our partnership


Unlike many other investment companies, operating on the market and seeking total control over the projects they invest, CIG does not aim to acquire a full share in the projects it considers.

Despite the tremendous experience of the company's management in launching and managing business projects that would allow to effectively organize the operation of a project of any size and in any field of activity, the company's investment philosophy is based on partnership with current owners of investment projects.

Whether it is a startup team or a working enterprise, we are convinced that people who stand of the origins of the project, who have invested their own soul, work and money in its implementation and success, must remain members of the team and among those who own a significant stake in the project.

Thus, the future of each project, in which CIG invests its funds, will be the common cause and the overall goal of its creator and investor, and therefore it will have a better chance of success.

Priority areas


In search of large-scale and promising projects Chernovetskyi Investment Group is ready to consider investment proposals in the following areas:

- Cloud computing;
- Software products with SaaS business model;
- Mobile applications for business customers (B2B) and B2C consumers;
- Data management and storage systems, mainly CRM-systems – for managing relations with customers;
- Electronic payment systems (mobile payments and payments via the Internet);
- Big Data - systems for structuring and processing large data sets;
- Software and Internet services;

The CIG industry teams are constantly monitoring and analyzing priority areas around the world.

Understanding of market trends and pricing strategies allows us to carry out the most accurate definition of investment opportunities, as well as to establish business contacts with key and most successful companies in each priority industry for us.


Sectors outside of our scope of interest

Chernovetskyi Investment Group is not interested in projects related to the following areas:

- State tenders and purchases;
- Production of alcohol and tobacco products;
- Gambling; - Political projects;
- Securities and transactions in stock markets;
- Production and marketing of pornographic products.

Also, CIG is not interested in areas that go against the generally accepted norms of ethics and morality.

Criteria for project selection
Competent CEO
Formed and experienced team
The presence of a large and relatively unoccupied niche (market)
Able to generate a profit business model
Presence of own original technology
High barriers to entry into a niche for competitors

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