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Chernovetskyi Investment Group is a responsible employer which guarantees the high standards of development and motivation of its employees. Obeying the norms of the current legislation of Ukraine, the company provides a decent level of staff motivation, which is exclusively official.

Chernovetskyi Investment Group puts forward the highest standards and requirements when selecting its employees, in turn providing decent working conditions, and also investing considerable resources in the training and development of its team.

The company conducts continuous monitoring of the labor market in search of valuable personnel that meet our basic criteria::

  • high level of skills and knowledge;
  • considerable experience and luggage of achievements;
  • strong personal characteristics and qualities;
  • ability and desire to learn and develop;
  • dedication and willingness to work for results;
  • loyalty to the company and the desire to become a member of its team;
  • honesty and openness

If the above-mentioned list fully characterizes you, we will be happy to review your resume and evaluate the possibility of our cooperation. You can always find the list of the open vacancies of Chernovetskyi Investment Group on our website. We are always in search for the best of the best!