CIG R & D Lab summarized work undertaken for six months

Four teams achieved significant success in the implementation of their innovative projects. Experts of Chernovetskyi Investment Group (CIG) willingly share their knowledge and they are ready to attract new mentors to the projects. These are the main results of the work for the half-year of the educational and scholarship program CIG R & D Lab at the Odessa National Polytechnic University.

It is commonly known that, the memorandum between CIG and Odessa National Polytechnic University on the creation of CIG R & D Lab was signed in August 2017.

And in October 2017 Odessa National Polytechnic University announced the winners of the second stage of the educational and scholarship program CIG R & D Lab. The contest committee selected 4 projects from 21 declared teams. During this period, teams of scholarship holders have made significant progress in developing their projects.

  • "Inverter voltage regulator". The project team completes the production of internal boards, has started testing the device and creation of a housing.
  • "Electronic dean's office" (ICS Learning Community Developed an internal user account (teacher and student). In the long term, such an innovation will significantly simplify and systematize organizational and administrative processes at the Institute of Computer Systems of the ONPU where scholarship holders are studying, and will also be useful for use in other universities.
  • Eye tracking. The team proceeded to experimental part. Developers in cooperation with ophthalmological clinics and specialized departments will conduct device testing.
  • "The system of dispatching and monitoring of access rights to objects". The team expanded and managed to provide the initial functions of the lock (latch operation with the help of remote control), proceeded to the development of the software part (user account), and also the assembly of the first prototype of the electronic lock.

Expert support came in handy to the teams. CIG experts Yevgeny Netreba and Stanislav Zolotukhin conducted a series of master classes on important aspects of commercialization of the projects, on financial planning and methodology of sales in the field of IT. In the future, to work on projects CIG will attract specialized mentors and experts for each direction.

"A few months of work on the project were very productive for our team. All this became possible thanks to the educational-scholarship program CIG R & D Lab. We have planned our work, have already developed the hardware part of the control module, ordered the production of a part of the prototype in the factory in China, and also created a test stand", marks the scholarship holder of the program, the developer of the project "Inverter Voltage Regulator" Mikhail Khimchenko.

"Our purpose is to help teams by the end of the school year present the workable projects that are scalable and able to generate profits. The final competitive selection of the teams will take place in the summer. The winner will receive a reward from CIG for the further development of the project", marked CIG managing partner Vladimir Krivko.

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