CIG R&D LAB: four teams at Lviv Polytechnic University join the program


The first season of CIG R&D LAB at Lviv Polytechnic University kicked off on 28 October 2019 with the students’ projects draft. Of the ten teams to have pitched their projects, four were selected by the experts to receive scholarships and CIG mentoring.

This year in Lviv’s CIG R&D LAB, the competition will take place between:

● Smart apiary (Rozymna pasika) – the system of monitoring the bees and providing the beekeeper with information about honey in every hive;

● Kitchen appliance Smart cutting board;

● Robot-bartender Drinmix that automatizes the making of cocktails;

● NoProc app that encourages children to do their chores through gamification.

«We are glad to welcome Lviv Polytechnic National University to our team. This is, without doubt, one of the best technical universities in the country and we are expecting a very fruitful season. Each of the ten projects that applied was more than just decent – the students are obviously ready for serious work on their start-ups. We chose the best ones from our point of view. We hope, however, that the rest will continue developing their ideas», – said Yevhen Netreba, CIG associate, on the results of the selection.

«For the very first time, project pitches for CIG R&D LAB 2019/2020 took place here, in the Tech Startup School of Lviv Polytechnic University. The program is brilliant; however, we were expecting more participants. The reason might be that our students have many opportunities: apart from this project, they can participate in three other accelerators. CIG R&D LAB is unique, though, in that the participants receive scholarship from the fund during ten months. The idea is that they do not have to look for a job but can stay here, at the university, and develop their own products and projects», – shared Nazar Podolchak, scientific manager of the Tech Startup School.

Natalia Chukhrai, a vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work and international relations, thanked CIG for the collaboration: «We are pleased with the level of students’ preparation and with the diversity of their ideas. It is important that the projects have a social component to them that compliments the commercial one. The future belongs to the creative people».

Chernovetskyi Investment Group (CIG) is one of the largest investment companies in Eastern Europe. Founded in 2013, its investment potential is more than $100 million. The company`s portfolio includes Ukrainian IT companies Softcube and The latter was featured in Techstars, a famous accelerator in Boston. In 2015, CIG invested $1 million in a platform for children KIDOZ (Israel) and $1 million in an international bus ticket booking service Busfor. In 2017, CIG invested in an Indian food delivery service InnerChef, as well as Kray Technologies, a manufacturer of commercial drones for agricultural companies. In 2017, CIG founded an educational fellowship program CIG R&D LAB.

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