CIG sold its share in US business of Zakaz and increased its share in Ukrainian segment of its business


Chernovetskyi Investment Group (CIG) together with its partners have reached an agreement on sale of US American business of Zakaz. Alongside with that, CIG increases its share in Ukrainian segment of its business (

CIG together with its partners have reached an agreement on the sale of US business of Zakaz company. A new investor of US segment sees huge potential in the technological platform Zakaz and ready to develop it in US market. Alongside with that, CIG increases its share in the Ukrainian segment of Zakaz business, and focuses on the markets of Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

"The transaction will allow CIG to focus on the company’s scaling in the markets where its competence is particularly strong, and where there is a potential to strengthen its position as player number 1, and achieve the same results in the markets new for us. In addition, the transaction will also allow to direct resources to Zakaz operational processes and services improvement," the managing partner of Chernovetskyi Investment Group (CIG), Volodymyr Kryvko, emphasized.

Today, Zakaz is the Ukrainian market leader in food delivery from the supermarkets. The company is the official partner of the supermarkets, such as NOVUS, METRO, FOZZY and other chains. According to Volodymyr Kryvko, Zakaz team has proved its efficiency and ability to develop business in the difficult conditions. "We are confident in their ability to implement the most ambitious plans. We are confident that Zakaz and CIG together will be able to change the food delivery market and achieve a new quality for our customers", — says of CIG’s managing partner.

Today CIG project portfolio includes a number of successful projects in the food tech field (FOODOUT, Zakaz, InnerChef). "Over recent years, our companies have demonstrated double-digit growth rate both in revenue and number of orders. We are certain that this rate will be further maintained", — added Volodymyr Kryvko.

For his part Yegor Anchishkin, the CEO of Zakaz, emphasized that for the company, CIG remains the strategic partner in the markets of Eastern Europe. "CIG has made a huge contribution to our development, we would never have achieved such success in Ukraine and USA without them. And we are looking forward to further successful cooperation," — he said.

We remind that, earlier, CIG informed of investing in the fast-growing food delivery service InnerChef in India ( The transaction is a continuation of CIG’s global development strategy in the field of food tech. Follow the reference to read more.

Today, CIG’s portfolio includes the largest Ukrainian food delivery service EDA.UA ( Besides, EDA.UA service has recently completed its unification with FOODOUT, the food delivery leader in the Baltic States. As the result of the transaction, FOODOUT GROUP, one of the largest food delivery companies in the market of Eastern Europe was created. More details on the link: