Startup Nation. AR & VR Projects in Ukraine.


On October 24, the fourth meeting of the Startup Nation series of events, AR & VR Projects in Ukraine, took place in HUB 4.0 in Kyiv. There, the current trends in the sphere were discussed, and promising Ukrainian projects in the field were highlighted.

At the AR & VR Projects in Ukraine event, guests were given an opportunity to be acquainted with the prevailing trends of Virtual and Augmented reality technologies usage in the world, as well as with the relevant Ukrainian developments. The representatives of the most successful Ukrainian projects that directly concerned with using AR&VR technologies became the speakers of the Startup Nation Event.

Uliana Avtonomova, the head of Sensorama Academy, focused on how AR and VR technologies are now changing various business areas. The executive director of SIMO AR, Oleksandr Velychko, described the AR-projects that company implemented in Ukraine and abroad, demonstrating cases in which Augmented Reality was used for the art exhibitions, educational printed publications, etc.

For the more detailed coverage of VR and AR utilization in retail, Anton Potikha, the founder of the ARbrowser project, was invited: «We have identified a number of problems for the furniture market, in particular, the lack of visual information, the lack of space in showrooms, the impossibility to provide a quality service to potential customers from other cities and, consequently, a high return rate and related costs. » The speaker has shown how his project can help to solve mentioned problems in one of the retail areas.

Artem Batohovskyi, the founder of, addressed the usage of advanced technologies in the purchase and sale of real estate. Virtual tours from allow you to walk through the future buildings, feel and appreciate their advantages or disadvantages firsthand.

Ihor Zhukov, the CIS Business Development Director at WeAR Studio, talked on the most common mistakes both AR &VR projects’ developers and their clients make: «Unfortunately, many business owners still do not take the latest technology seriously, and underestimate the capabilities of the Virtual and Augmented reality’s tools. Very often, customers focus on how to get the WOW effect, reducing the complexity, timing, and cost of such projects. » During the report, Ihor also showed exciting cases by Loreal, Rastishka, Allo etc.

Its representative, Vitalii Tsybenko, told the story of the Virbox360 project development. The team has created the technology of the so-called VR-teleport, which companies from various fields, including Kyivstar, have used to provide their clients with information about its services.

An unplanned speech by one of the guests at the end of the event evidenced the gripping nature of the discussion. Heorhii Hulabian off the cuff presented his VR Inn project - a comprehensive entertainment solution that allows the player to fully immerse himself in the gameplay, with such an effect being achieved, among other things, by manipulating the physical space around.

Startup Nation: Trends and Topics for IT Projects in Ukraine and Worldwide Program is an educational project initiated by Chernovetskyi Investment Group (CIG) in 2017. The idea of the program is to create a platform for the exchange of experience in the development of the IT-startups. The series of events is also intended to demonstrate the participants that, despite the potential difficulties, such projects can successfully develop. The topic of the first meeting was IT in Health Care in Ukraine. Details:

The second meeting was dedicated to the prospects of IT projects in the field of Foodtech & Retail. Details:

The third meeting of the Startup Nation Program highlighted the AgriTech in Ukraine and Worldwide: Trends, Technologies, and Challenges.

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