Chernovetskyi’s Fund Helps Fighting COVID-19


Chernovetskyi Investment Group is continuously providing ventilators, disinfectants, protective masks, overalls and goggles to regional medical facilities.

At the end of March 2020, Stepan Chernovetskyi directed CIG to donate half a million US dollars to help fight COVID-19 in Ukraine. Since then, the supplies have been made to the hospitals in the regions of Zhytomyr, Kyiv, Kropyvnytskyi, Ternopil and Kharkiv.

In April, Chernovetskyi Investment Group sent the ventilator to Chortkiv Central Municipal District Hospital in Ternopil Region.

“Ternopil Region is currently on the front line of the battle against coronavirus, so the availability of ventilators is very important. The medical staff thanks Chernovetskyi Investment Group for the purchase of an expensive modern ventilator. Having such equipment not only allows to save human lives, but also to expand a health services package provided by the hospital,” says Roman Chortkivskyi, the Head of Chortkiv Central Municipal District Hospital.

The Fund also purchased the disinfectants and protective masks worth UAH 100 thousand for the villages of Litochky and Rozhny in Brovary District, Kyiv Region.

“Such means are especially vital during the quarantine,” the representative of Litochky Village Council comments.

“We extend our gratitude for all the assistance in the prevention of the spread of the coronavirus infection,” as stated in the letter from Rozhny Village Council.

In May, the Fund delivered a ventilator, 990 protective costumes, 1,000 FFP3 respirators and 500 FFP2 respirators to the Kharkiv Emergency Medicine and Medical Disaster Centre.

“Working under the pandemic conditions has its benefits. We find new friends whose support helps us realize that we can overcome anything.

Chernovetskyi Investment Group, one of the largest investment companies, has donated a modern ventilator to the Centre. The ventilator was installed in the ambulance on the same day. Such equipment will increase the level of assistance to the patients with COVID-19 already at the pre-admission stage.

We are sincerely grateful to the senior executives of the Fund for their timely assistance. Such support inspires and motivates us to work more efficiently,” says Viktor Zabashta, the Head of Kharkiv Emergency Medicine and Medical Disaster Centre.

300 protective costumers, 300 FFP3 masks and 100 FFP2 respirators were sent to Ternopil City Hospital No. 3.

“To date, the situation with the spread of the coronavirus infection is challenging. The resources available at the beginning of the epidemic were insufficient to ensure the safety of medical staff. The procedures for public procurement of protective gear and equipment is overbureaucratized and slow, while business is acting much faster and more efficiently in this situation, which we are very grateful for,” says Yurii Lazarchuk, the Director.

Another ventilator was delivered and installed in Radomyshl City Hospital. Also, 100 FFP2 respirators, 100 FFP3 respirators, 20 pairs of goggles, 2,000 pairs of gloves and 1,000 disposable coats were sent there.

“The staff is sincerely grateful to Chernovetskyi Investment Group for the assistance. The new multi-functional ventilator will allow to provide emergency aid to the patients in need of artificial respiration. It is not a cure-all solution from COVID-19 but it does help the medical staff to fight such complications as pneumonia and is, in some cases, indispensable for saving patients.

The ventilator forces air into the lungs, ensures arterial oxygen saturation and removes carbon dioxide from the lungs. At the same time, it creates positive pressure in the airways and lungs, which is often the only condition for survival. The hospital staff is grateful for the hi-tech equipment that is crucial for treating the patients!” says Nataliia Vitinska, the Chief Medical Officer of Municipal Non-Commercial Enterprise “Radomyshl Hospital”.

The aid was also sent to Monastyryska Central District Hospital in Ternopil Region: 100 FFP2 respirators, 100 FFP3 respirators, 1,000 pairs of gloves, 1,000 disposable coats, 1,000 boot covers and 1,000 medical hats.

Chernovetskyi Investment Group also supported the initiative “Acting Together” of the Charitable Fund “Stronger Together” and funded a purchase of 2,000 protective overalls, 5,000 FFP2 respirators, 1,000 FFP3 respirators and 977 pairs of goggles for the health care facilities in Kropyvnytskyi Region.

“No matter how perfect the global medical systems are in stable environment, they demonstrated to be unable to deal themselves with the challenges in pandemic conditions. Our purpose is to join our efforts because we are much stronger together than on our own! We are grateful to Chernovetskyi Investment Group for sharing our position and all the support,” says Oksana Huliaieva, the Director of the Charitable Fund “Stronger Together”.

CIG intends to continue supplying ventilators and protective gear for medical workers in different regions of Ukraine in the nearest future.