Special Statement of Chernovetskyi Investment Group and its President Stepan Chernovetskyi


My company, Chernovetskyi Investment Group, my team, and I have always been Ukrainian – not only geographically but in our hearts. Our business was founded in Ukraine, we develop advanced technologies here, we foster education of our new generation here – from Lviv to Kharkiv.  

We believe in Ukraine, and we will continue contributing into its advance.

In these difficult times, I want to state that not only do we have different businesses with my father, Leonid Chernovetskyi, but we also have different positions: I do not share his opinion on the situation in Ukraine.

In the meantime, us, Ukrainians, showcase to the world something that has been clear to us for a while. That we are courageous, united, and selfless.

We stand today with the millions of our citizens who help each other right now to withstand and, later, to recover. That is uneasy path, but we proved we are worth the goals we have in front of us.

We direct assistance to the humanitarian causes and support thousands of our companies’ employees and their families in these difficult times.

We are proud of Ukraine, and I am proud of all of us.