Startup Nation “Cybersecurity: Problems and Solutions”


On 13 February 2019, CIG hosted the fifth event of the Startup Nation cycle dedicated to cybersecurity.

Speakers from some of the most successful projects in the industry shared their insights on the main trends in cyber defense, challenges and innovations in this area, as well as threats and risk-management.

Volodymyr Kryvko, CIG managing partner, kicked off with data from the Global Risks Report 2019 by the World Economic Forum, where cybercrime was named among top four main threats to the world. The Forum estimates that by 2022, the world economy will have suffered up to $8 trillion in losses contributable to cybercrime. Volodymyr shared his personal experience to illustrate how cybersecurity issues can hit close to home despite being seemingly global.

The first speaker was Oleg Polovinko, Head of IT Security at Integrity Vision. With 17 years of experience in IT, specifically, in the field of system integration, Oleg is an expert on cybersecurity solutions implementation. He focused on key cybersecurity trends of 2019, main victims and types of cyberattacks, assessed losses by the companies from the most infamous cyberattacks in 2017, talked about who is behind cybercrime and what can the industry expect in the near future.

Evhenii Pyliankevych, Cossack Labs CEO, who has been in software development for the last fifteen years, continued the panel and spoke about the modern cryptography issues, as well as assessing and addressing technical, economic and regulatory risks to the companies. Evhenii invoked his own case study and focused on Cossack Labs’ research and innovations crucial for the company’s product and data protection services.

The next speaker was Olena Kashuba, Head of Engineering Design Direction and Product Manager of the Headtechnology Group. Olena spoke on the main security principles of the mobile world and the fundamental shifts in the approaches to security that have caused massive transformations of business processes. She gave a practical view of potential information losses and strategies for nurturing trust between a user, a device, a network, an app and an OS.

Vitalii Voropay, leading specialist of IBM Security, the largest security startup with more than 8,000 employees in 133 countries, presented a free and secure DNS platform and an IBM cloud platform for sharing analytical information about the security threats. He commended the dynamic growth of the cybersecurity field and predicted its main agenda for the next two years.

Following the presentations, the discussion continued at the informal networking part of the Startup Nation.

Startup Nation: trends and topics for the IТ projects in Ukraine and worldwide” is the educational project founded by Chernovetskyi Investment Group (CIG) in 2017. The idea is to create an experience-sharing platform for the IT community. Read more about our previous events: