Virtual reality vs real investment


In the column of Delo.Ua, Stepan Chernovetskyi shared his opinion on the investment in the advanced technologies, focusing on the trending AR&VR sphere. Read the text below or on the primary source:

The main feature of modern technology is constant development. New things come up extremely rapid. There is much more information than we are able to perceive. Someone prefers to ignore it; others follow the trends closely, expecting the next big thing to emerge. Investors have to be really attentive and careful, since so much depends on the project selection.

Among the hottest technology trends of expiring year are Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Even though many people do not come face to face with it or at best consider VR\AR to be the part of entertainment industry, this technology vigorously breaks into various types of business, not only in the progressive West, but also in Ukraine. Moreover, it has almost unlimited range of usage.

In fact, this kind of project makes more than just business changes – they entirely change our lives. Download the app, focus your smartphone on the magazine picture and it instantly becomes ‘alive’ (AR as it is). This function is already being used for education purposes when cold facts are provided with an extremely demonstrative content. The technology which, for instance, could help the medical students to learn how to do complicated surgeries, could hardly be called unimportant.

Or, let’s say, you are planning to buy an apartment. It’s a serious investment risk. Virtual reality to the rescue! It gives you a chance to walk around your future house and almost see it for yourself (but still you can’t do it without special designed glasses or helmet). Hence you can appreciate all the merits of the space and understand why the price per square meter depends on the floor (by the way, a Ukrainian company was one of the first in the world to realize this idea).

The main topic of the latest “Startup Nation” project meeting by CIG was VR\AR. I am, as an ordinary person and investor, very impressed with technology which involves the recent developments. It changes user experience and business improvement.

The agents of leading Ukrainian projects, built on the basis of Augmented and Virtual reality, met offline this time. The variety of startups was really wide: mobile, retail, 3D modeling animation, restaurant business, medicine, real estate, entertainment. Some of them are already represented at the international market, the others are definitely going to be there soon. When I see young people talking about their projects with enthusiasm, expanding the frontiers of the ‘normal’ world with a courage, I feel that our work is meaningful and this country has a magnificent future.

That’s why we created this project, in order to change the world, not only to pursue its constant development. We hope that it would become a platform for experience and idea sharing, as well as an impact for development of various IT-startups in Ukraine.

I believe that VR/AR technology will continue taking on the world. But the Ukrainian way to treat the trends is a different debate.