Launch of the 5th season of CIG R&D LAB


In October, the second stage - qualifying pitches for the fifth competitive season of the educational and scholarship program CIG R&D LAB took place at the National Technical University Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute, Lviv Polytechnic National University and Odessa Polytechnic State University.

Thirteen teams that have been selected will work with mentors and CIG specialists during the annual training program to implement their unique ideas, develop a finished product and start commercializing it, and in summer, they will be able to compete for a grant for the further development of the project.

Who passed the selection in Kharkiv:

TER-SAS — development that solves the problem of disposal of effluents containing sulphate acid.

HEV KIT — conversion of the power plant of a passenger car from an internal combustion engine to a hybrid power drive.

Pretty Ukraine — an application for the formation of a holistic picture of the world in children 2-8 years old through graphic and informational components with elements of augmented reality.

Biodegradable polymer materials – a project that will help to switch from non-ecological polymer packaging materials to environmentally friendly.

Who passed the selection in Odessa:

Advertisement Bot — development for automated monetization of telegram channels, chats and bots.

Atheneum — platform for monetizing knowledge and content using (non-fungible token).

Mary Poppins — social application for monitoring adopted children.

Univera — a service for students that transforms interaction with the university.

Who passed the selection in Lviv:

AID — a web service that simplifies the implementation of machine learning models, natural language processing and computer vision technologies.

SKIt — sports timing system.

Lviv Polytechnics Technology — interactive billboard.                                                          

SurVR — it is an educational VR space for training physicians, which will allow performing surgical operations on a 3D model of the human body. More in the video: Suspilne.News.

Electric karting is a project aimed at the development and popularization of electric karting to replace gasoline ones.

"Meetings with CIG representatives at the beginning of the year have already become a tradition for us. The program provides development, stimulates the participation of students and postgraduates in innovative activities. And this is one of the main tasks of each university. Many thanks for the good history of our cooperation," commented the beginning season Marchenko Andrey Petrovych, pro-rector of KhPI.

"For Odessa Polytechnic Institute of Computer Systems, this is a very important cooperation. Over the past years, we have seen how to influence the educational process and cooperate with investors. Thank you for being with us," said Svetlana Antoshchuk, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Odessa Polytechnic State University, Director of the Institute of Computer Systems.

"The third season showed that there is great interest in this program. Several projects turned out to be the best. Of those that we selected; some already have their own working prototypes. And these are more complex projects: software is added to the hard, and hard - to the software We are becoming more technological. And this is a task not only for Lviv Polytechnic, but for the entire start-up ecosystem, "said Nazar Podolchak, Doctor of Economics, Scientific Director of Tech StartUp School, Director of the Lviv Polytechnic Science Park.

More details:

CIG R&D LAB is an educational scholarship program of Chernovetskyi Investment Group, which is carried out by the company in cooperation with the leading technical universities of Ukraine. The aim of the program is to incentivize undergraduate and graduate students and young scientists of technical universities to conduct developments and commercialize their ideas. More details at:

We recall that the following projects won in the previous season of the program: a set for quick self-conversion of a bicycle into an electric one with an anti-theft system; indicator packaging for storing products of the meat and dairy industry; wireless technology for transmission of energy over long distances with low losses; an ozone generator for disinfecting surfaces and objects from the coronavirus infection COVID-19; a job search platform that enables a quick assessment of the technical level of a candidate and cybernetic gadgets to help people with low vision or blindness.